Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday.

It was an amazing season and we thank you for all of your support and love.

We are back open this week - Wed & Thurs 12/29-30 from 12-5

and New Years Eve from 11-2.

Of course, we'll need a little time to restock the racks...but come by for a toast and a hug for the New Year!!!!

xoxoxox Laura and Trish

And Lots of Accessories...

Knit Scarves in Hand-spun, Hand-dyed Bulky Merino Wool
Pretty PINS
One of a kind, hand-knit hats
Ball Fringe Scarves in many color combos.

Wearable Bundles

If you haven't seen these yet, you MUST come and take a peek.
Handmade by a Connecticut artist/friend/RISD grad.
Each piece of wearable art is one of a kind.
They are called, Wearable Bundles
they are fabulous.

Frock Fragrance = Great Gift

Limited Edition! Custom made for FROCK.
These handcrafted essential oil blends are a perfect stocking stuffer ...in their sweet, little cotton sack.
Fresh, light scents.
All natural.

Local Leather

We just love all things that date back to the 70's...
Like, these groovy hair pins and leather cuffs.
They make great gifts for the stylish gals in your life.

Made locally by a super nice leathersmith.

Gift Certificates Available!

We have gift certificates! And they come in these nifty, little, cotton sacks...
Treat or be treated -- with the gift of FROCK.

And also, we are now open Sundays from 11-2 for the holiday season.

Love For Frock: VENU Magazine, CT

Frock is the storefront/studio home of independent designers Whosiepie and Mergirl (aka TrishDarling), and just may be the happiest place I have ever experienced. It just so happens to also be Darling Headquarters as we know it. How perfect. Fairfield County based Venu Magazine (page 22 for the full story) decided they needed to get to know this darling local CT fashion spot a bit better, now you can too. So...when are you going to visit?

Like the local food movement where people now want to know where their food comes from, they also want to know where their clothes come from. They like buying clothes that they know are made in Connecticut and supporting a local business. "A woman in her 60s came in and when she saw us making the clothes right here she said, 'the world is getting better'. People need inspiration like this, especially now." says Williams-Larson, and FROCK of doing that one stitch at a time.

Picture 11

Picture 5

Picture 8

FROCK doesn't function like the average fashion house where the designers are hidden from public view off sewing in another part of the building. Or where they go into production making clothes of full year before they are seen. Nor do they start working on their fall line before summer is even half way over. The designers remain free to catch the energy of the day which keeps their ideas fresh and flowing "if it's hot in September, we will still be making cute summer things", says Williams-Larson.

Ginter appreciates the immediacy of being able to work in the now, creating because she is inspired to create, and not because a marketing campaign has demanded that she does, as in the traditional fashion world. There are no expectations to produce just for the sake of producing nor anyone telling them what to make and when to make it. "We can continue to do summer until we feel the very first cool breeze that's when it will tell us it's time to do fall. We are in the season we are in, the way it feels this week." says Ginter.

Venu Magazine

We are happy to announce a great spread in Venu Magazine...
Have a look! 
(Index -- page 24)
Thank you to Caryn B. Davis for photos and story.


Sweaters & Cowls

We're starting to get cozy ...

Fall Chester Stroll

We will be open til 8pm on Friday, September 17. Please join us for a Chester Stroll...
We'll be serving hot cider and showing our latest FALL collections.
Come Visit!

To Dye For...

Oh, we just couldn't resist that terrible pun. Sorry!
But all of those beautiful, layered skirts and sundresses are showing up in Fall colors in here. Each piece has a special embellishment, layer, ruffle, detail to set it apart from others. 
Come on down and see for yourself.


Starting to introduce scarves over here....
and one is cuter than the next. 
All one-of-a-kind. All handmade. 
Dyed, stitched, etc., etc.

Hold On To Summer

We are holding on to Summer as long as we can. So, if you are looking for sundresses, camisoles, tees, skirts, etc. to keep you cool through the dog days of summer and beyond -- check in with us. We are keeping summer around until the weather turns colder. We believe in white after Labor Day. But of course, will always have gems to keep you cozy, too.


The FROCK girls have been doing their best to have a "real summer" this summer and the marvelous weather, here, in CT has allowed us to do so.

So, on our day off, we packed our straw bags, hopped in the Mini Cooper and off to the ferry for a trip to BLOCK ISLAND for a day!

Much to our surprise, as we were boarding the boat, we ran (smack!) into our very own, Lori Warner - fellow shopowner/designer/friend -- doing just the same. We embraced every sunny, shimmery moment together on our ride to the island. And then upon arrival, did what any sensible shopgirls would do -- hit the SHOPS!!!!

Indian cotton sundresses, kurtas, straw hats for all.

"Inspiration" is what we call it.

Yay - Summer!!!

Scenes from SUMMER...

at the FROCK shoppe.

Chester Stroll

  Friday Night = Chester Stroll.
We will be open late...and serving up some Summery Sangria.
Come on in and visit.
And also...
Dina Varano is celebrating her 15 year anniversary in Chester. Be sure to stop in her place and have a toast to a job, beautifully done.

And of course, SUNDAY --
is the ever fabulous CHESTER SUNDAY MARKET.
Frock is open from 10-1 on Sunday from now until the Market ends...late Fall.


Our very own, Trish Ginter, had a wonderful discussion with The Wall Street Journal the other day....and low and behold, here we are!
The Independent Fashion Movement is underway...And we've got the Frock Shoppe to prove it.

Fashion Show + Lunch


Fashion Show at the Gallery w/ cocktails + hors d'oevres
and luncheon next door at River Tavern.

Not your typical fashion luncheon...
Trish Ginter, Laura Williams (of FROCK) and Lori Warner will join
creative talents for an incredible fusion of fashion and art!
Inspired by the simplicity of the beach.
The gallery will transform into a runway featuring one-of-a-kind clothing
by Trish and Laura using monotype printed fabric by Lori.
Unveiled at this event will be functional scarves, cotton wraps,
denim jackets and washed silk skirts and more. Also, jewelry designed and styled
on the models by Ann Lightfoot. See how Ann and Mimi Brainard style
and wear her unique designs...very cool.

Limited Seating. MAY BE FULL but
please call River Tavern at 860-526-9417 if you are interested.
$40 per person.