Love For Frock: VENU Magazine, CT

Frock is the storefront/studio home of independent designers Whosiepie and Mergirl (aka TrishDarling), and just may be the happiest place I have ever experienced. It just so happens to also be Darling Headquarters as we know it. How perfect. Fairfield County based Venu Magazine (page 22 for the full story) decided they needed to get to know this darling local CT fashion spot a bit better, now you can too. So...when are you going to visit?

Like the local food movement where people now want to know where their food comes from, they also want to know where their clothes come from. They like buying clothes that they know are made in Connecticut and supporting a local business. "A woman in her 60s came in and when she saw us making the clothes right here she said, 'the world is getting better'. People need inspiration like this, especially now." says Williams-Larson, and FROCK of doing that one stitch at a time.

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FROCK doesn't function like the average fashion house where the designers are hidden from public view off sewing in another part of the building. Or where they go into production making clothes of full year before they are seen. Nor do they start working on their fall line before summer is even half way over. The designers remain free to catch the energy of the day which keeps their ideas fresh and flowing "if it's hot in September, we will still be making cute summer things", says Williams-Larson.

Ginter appreciates the immediacy of being able to work in the now, creating because she is inspired to create, and not because a marketing campaign has demanded that she does, as in the traditional fashion world. There are no expectations to produce just for the sake of producing nor anyone telling them what to make and when to make it. "We can continue to do summer until we feel the very first cool breeze that's when it will tell us it's time to do fall. We are in the season we are in, the way it feels this week." says Ginter.

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