Frock Tees are In!

Come on in and check out our great new tees. We are delighted to have these in the shop this season and they go beautifully with our skirts and pants.


It's that time of year again...
And we are SO grateful for all of you.
Wishing you the warmest and coziest Thanksgiving, ever!


We're open Friday and Saturday 12-5 this weekend.
Come on by...

Oh, and just a friendly reminder: We do have GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Chester Stroll This Friday

Come on over to the FROCK shoppe on Friday night. 
We will be open til 8! 

Frock is in the News...

A great article from, written by Eileen McNamara.

Luc's Juice Joint

How psyched/lucky/blessed/healthy are we? 
Look what's opened up right next door to the FROCK shoppe: Luc's Juice Joint! 
Fresh, organic, beautiful juices...prepared on the scene, inside The Local Beet Coop.
Weekends Only for now...
And yes, that IS beet juice on our cutting table and no, we are not afraid. 

Frock + Summer

Happiness ...

FROCK took a lovely 2nd place in the E-List’s CT Shoreline Readers Poll for Best Women’s Clothing! Yahooooo! Our friend Dina Varano also took 2nd for Best Jewelry along with a bunch of other favorite shoreline spots for vintage, food, and more – see the entire list here.

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Smashing Darling Relaunches...

...with a new look. And a pretty look, at that!

What does Smashing Darling have to do with FROCK? Watch this video and it will all come together for you...

Peggy & Fritz

This lovely girl, Ann stopped in a week or so ago. She was super sweet and she wrote up the FROCK shoppe in her L.A. - based blog. Check it out...

One Magical Year

OK, Everybody...Today, officially marks ONE MAGICAL YEAR since we opened our doors!

We, quietly, remembered this all, quite frankly, we were far too busy to shout out it! But we wanted to, again, thank each and every body for the unimaginable support of our incredibly successful and happy, little shop.

We are overwhelmed by the response. We love all of you Frockers!!!

Here's to another year...and then 100 more.

We will be celebrating on Friday at Chester's May Day Stroll.

Friday, May 6 -- 5 pm and on...(but not too late. we like to go to bed early!)

Come on down.

Our Friends and Neighbors

Dinners at the Farm - Unique Eats - Cooking Channel - Barberry Hill Farm.


In addition to our traditional Winter cozy pieces, we are buzzing away on sweet flowered prints and lighter-weight tees and dresses, brightly colored print tops and easy skirts, denim...

Happy Valentine's Day

Come by for a sip of champagne this Saturday...


Open: Wednesdays - Saturdays 12-5 pm
11 main street chester


As January comes to a close, we are just a little closer to SPRING!

We are so happy that folks have been trudging their way through the (now, multitude of) snow and into the cozy Frock shop. Thanks for that!

Box O' Frocks

Check out the snow drift on top of our shop!

We're snowed in, snowed out and iced over but we insist on keeping with our cheerful dispositions. Visit us - Spring is coming! ;)

Upcycled Stiped Wool Skirt

post by trish

A nice warm cozy new skirt has made it's way off my fingertips, through the sewing machine onto a hanger on the racks at FROCK. I completely felt my way through this one like have been doing with so many pieces in my line lately.

I recycled two wool sweaters to make this new upcycled creation. The wool was pre-washed and dryed to make cleaning the fun striped skirt easier to take care of... plus, I like how the thick the wool gets when it is shrunk.

Take peek online at MerGirl boutique on Smashing Darling to purchase.