Frock Fragrance

We are so excited to share FROCK FRAGRANCE! We've launched the new line of organic, wild crafted essential oils perfumes this weekend and the response has been amazing...

We offer 3 styles of scent:
Solid Perfume
Perfume Spray 
Essential Oil Blend

And in 3 beautiful varieties:
FLORA -- Pukaki (Hawaiian Ginger Flower) and Rose Geranium
TERRA -- Rose, Lavender and a hint of Patchouli
AQUA -- Lemon Verbena and Lavender

And they come in sweet, little cotton bags. Makes a really groovy gift.

And another hot seller are these gorgeous rings by Mahady Makrianes. Made from recycled fabric.

As seen on the e-list this week...

Yes, it's true. FROCK FRAGRANCE is coming soon! Soon, like, in a week or so-ish. Think: amber bottles, organic wild-crafted essential oil blends, solid perfume and linen sprays. That's all we can reveal so far. But imagine our very own mini-apothecary, right here at FROCK.

Give the Gift of Frock

If you've happened by FROCK this week, you might wonder what the paper tag skirt on the wire dress form is all about. Besides it having been one of those time consuming projects that you just plop down and do when you have a million other things on your plate or as I like to call those things -- a "meditation in motion", it's a subtle reminder that we do do Gift Certificates, here at FROCK...and they look cool on top of it all.

And often, we do them for no particular dollar amount...Just as a gesture from one to another - "Go ahead and shop at FROCK, I've got you covered" - kind of thing.


Tonight = Chester May Daze Stroll...Begins at 5pm!


Well, here we are. WIDE OPEN! We've had a ball, today, seeing lots of old fans, friends and it looks as though we've made some new ones, already.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -- for all of the support and kind words.
We hope you all continue to visit...both here on the blog, etc. and in real life.

We have lots of exciting new things to share with you in the coming weeks, months so please, keep your eyes peeled.