The FROCK girls have been doing their best to have a "real summer" this summer and the marvelous weather, here, in CT has allowed us to do so.

So, on our day off, we packed our straw bags, hopped in the Mini Cooper and off to the ferry for a trip to BLOCK ISLAND for a day!

Much to our surprise, as we were boarding the boat, we ran (smack!) into our very own, Lori Warner - fellow shopowner/designer/friend -- doing just the same. We embraced every sunny, shimmery moment together on our ride to the island. And then upon arrival, did what any sensible shopgirls would do -- hit the SHOPS!!!!

Indian cotton sundresses, kurtas, straw hats for all.

"Inspiration" is what we call it.

Yay - Summer!!!


  1. Good for you! I am sure it was a much needed day off :)

  2. Oh I love that orange/white/yellow fabric! Any left?

  3. That day will last forever in my mind.